An Air Freshener with Dry Safe Technology™

Lifts Lint and Pet Hair Easily from Upholstery and Furniture

Ventsations Vent Clip Air Fresheners – NOW available in bulk commercial packaging for cost effective car care facility use.

Unlike liquid and paper air fresheners Ventsations are dry to touch and therefore have no oily perfume residue which can stain materials. Offer your customers a modern and innovative air freshener with patented technology designed to be a cleaner and more appropriate use around vehicle and home interiors.  Invented for auto and home air vents Ventsations can be used in many other ways like clipping to lamp shades and air humidifiers. Ventsations patented fragrance embedded clips are High Quality -High Tech and are available in many selections.  Your customers will thank you for the incredible fragrances and innovative change.

The WispAway Pet Hair Lifter is an amazing product that will help all pet lovers stay close to their pets, but eliminate the hassle with the pet hair. It will lift pet hair easily and effectively and without wetting or using other product assistance. It is all natural material and much easier to use than plastic and metal hair removal products which can tear material or upholstery, and it also removes the messy waste caused by sticky paper rollers.

Also available in the Mini Lifter for Clothes